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UK TREND : Upcoming Strike Dates Revealed by Junior Doctors

Upcoming Strike Dates Revealed by Junior Doctors
فريق التحرير 23 May 2023

Junior doctors in England have recently announced their plan for a 72-hour walkout in June due to the breakdown of government pay talks. The strike is scheduled to occur from 07:00 on Wednesday, June 14th, until 07:00 on Saturday, June 17th.

The public discusses the Junior Doctors’ strike

Junior doctors’ strike in UK

The British Medical Association (BMA) union, which represents doctors and medical students, deemed the government’s offer of a 5% rise as not “credible.”

The government has stated that pay negotiations can only resume if the strike is called off. In response, members of the public have taken to Twitter to engage in discussions regarding the upcoming strikes and express their frustration towards the government’s handling of the doctors’ demands. While some individuals criticize the doctors for continuing to strike, labelling them as “selfish,” the majority of people continue to show their support for the doctors and their cause.

Dr. Rachel Clarke, a palliative care physician, expressed her solidarity with junior doctors and voiced her support through a tweet. She emphasized that junior doctors are the essential foundation of the NHS and stated that it is unreasonable for their value to have decreased by 30% over the past 12 years. Dr. Clarke pledged her unwavering support to her remarkable junior colleagues.

As the government approaches a general election in just 18 months, concerns have been raised about the potential consequences of entering the electoral period while in disagreement with the two most supported groups of workers: nurses and hospital doctors. People have urged these workers to stand together with determination, emphasizing the need to win this dispute against the government.

People continued to show their support for the doctors and encouraged them to maintain their determination and unity in order to win.


Junior doctors took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the offered “70p pay rise,” considering it an insulting amount in light of their accumulated debt of over £80,000 and the years of rigorous study they have dedicated to their profession. They highlighted the stark disparity between their hard work and long hours and the minimal increase in remuneration.

The public made it evident that the ongoing issue persists as a result of the government’s shortcomings, emphasizing that junior doctors should not be held responsible.

Twitter users also emphasized the importance of recognizing that while biased media may focus on and report on the number of operations cancelled due to the junior doctors’ strike, it is crucial to remember the 70,000 operations that were cancelled last year as a consequence of government underfunding.

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