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1445 شوال 13 | 22 أبريل 2024

Privacy policy

Al-Arabs in UK – hitherto referred to as AUK – is committed to protect the privacy of the personal information you provide upon visiting its platforms.

In order for AUK to be able to adequately deliver its services to you, we sometimes need to collect information regarding said services.

AUK is obligated to manage any information we receive from you in accordance with the legal rules imposed in the UK regarding the protection of personal information, including the Data Protection Act 1998.

AUK’s website contains links to other websites. AUK is not responsible for the content of external sites, and the responsibility of visiting them lies with the user.

What information does AUK collect about me?

When you request to subscribe to one of the services provided by AUK, such as receiving our newsletter via email, we may ask you to provide personal data, such as your name, email address, country of residence, telephone number and date of birth.

Providing this personal data enables AUK’s employees to effectively deliver the required services.

AUK also uses cookies, which contain limited data regarding users’ preferences on online platforms, and this data helps AUK to meet the needs of its users.

Similarly, AUK also records users’ IP address, which is a unique series of numbers identifying every computer connected to the internet.

We use analytics software to track cookies and IP addresses in order to better understand our users’ needs. This information is not used to compile a personal file about you. (zolpidem online rezept)

AUK also uses IP addresses to find out whether the site is being accessed from within the UK or from other countries abroad.

Notice: If you are under the age of 16, please ask for parental or adult permission before sending any personal data to the AUK website. Failing to provide such permission will prevent said age group from sending personal data successfully.

How does AUK use the data it collects about me?

AUK uses personal information they receive from you for limited purposes, including managing the services they provide to their users, an example of which would be having the means to contact any user for a service they have requested.

AUK will ensure information they obtain from their users stay confidential; that is unless the law requires or permits disclosure.

For how long will AUK keep logs of my personal data?

We will store the personal data provided by you for as long as it is needed to provide services to you.

When you submit your contributions to the AUK site, the content will be retained for a reasonable period of time depending on the purpose for which the contributions were sent.