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UK TREND : The aftermath of the latest Junior doctors’ strike

Junior doctors’ strike in UK
فريق التحرير 18 April 2023

The junior doctors’ strikes last week resulted in the cancellation of nearly 200,000 hospital appointments and procedures in England, it has been reported.

Appointments cancelled during junior doctors’ strike

Junior doctors’ strike: ‘most disruptive strike in history’
Junior doctors’ strike: ‘most disruptive strike in history

According to data from NHS England, there were 20,000 more cancelled appointments during the strikes that lasted from April 11 to 15 than there were during the March strike’s shorter duration. During the peak of the strikes, 27,361 employees were absent from their jobs, though the actual number may be higher because some workforce data was lacking.

The NHS pay dispute’s cancellation rate is at its highest level to date.

The hashtag #Junior doctor’s strike has been trending on twitter as members of the public have been discussing the impact of the latest strike in April and demanding the government take action to meet the doctor’s union demands and the crisis which continues to worsen.

People have taken to twitter to call out certain news outlets such as the BBC for their misleading coverage of the strike. Author John Smith tweeted that “ the BBC’s coverage is shameful, but one sees why journalists for the BBC make more than junior doctors b/c after all they are keeping the establishment in power”.

Another individual warned people not to believe what bias media may be trying to make them believe. As “ this is on the government hands. Tory criminals unfit to govern are purposefully destroying the NHS”.People expressed that the news of all the cancellations is definitely upsetting, but “ doctors have been pushed into this after years of degrading wage, and conditions for which we all suffer”. The people were demanding that “ Barclay needs to get to the table and negotiate properly”.

Another twitter user stated that “ Steve Barclay has the key to unlocking this dispute and preventing further distress. He needs to sit down with the unions and settle”.

Barclay was also called out for having “ claimed over £150,000 in expenses on top of his £151,000 salary. Yet he thinks doctors on £14 an hour are greedy when asking for £19 an hour”.

Doctors also took to twitter to call out the “ people who are suddenly coming out of the woodwork with ‘deep concerns’ about patient safety, who said *nothing* this winter when up to 500 patients needlessly died every single week.” They have stated that “ the government is destroying the NHS”.

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