UK TREND : Ramadan chaos in Small Heath, Birmingham

Ramadan chaos in Birmingham
Ramadan chaos in Birmingham

In an effort to eradicate illegal street market stalls during Ramadan, officers reported that bottles have been thrown at them. As a sizable crowd gathered in Small Heath, Birmingham, at 1:30 BST on Sunday, the incident took place.

Ramadan chaos in Small Heath, Birmingham

Police claimed that the operation, which involved trading standards officers, was in response to complaints from locals about blocked roads and anti-social behaviour. Prior to now, nearby businesses, imams, and MPs have expressed their concerns about how increased traffic congestion, anti-social behaviour, littering, and alleged illegal street vendors are making life difficult for locals.

Following the incident, people have used the hashtag #Coventry Road on twitter to talk about what happened. People were shocked and disappointed by the actions of those who attacked the police officers because it is humiliating and gives a poor impression of Muslims, especially during Ramadan.

Twitter users shared that “ what happens on Coventry road is wrong and embarrassing. The police and council are well within their rights to limit the madness. What do they get for it? Sworn at and abused”.


Another user tweeted : “Utterly disgraceful scenes emerging from Coventry road, Birmingham. Complete disregard for the rule of law and contempt for our police force, officers being verbally and physically harassed!”.

People were shocked with “ the behaviour of some unruly individuals”. This was no surprise as residents have complained for weeks about the litter, noise, blocked roads and pavements as a result of the unauthorised market.

Muslim users took to twitter to make it clear that the individuals who acted like this do not represent Muslims. User Shakeel tweeted : “Absolutely disgusting behaviour in Small heath by stupid idiots who should be observing Ramadan but decided to make a mess and attack the police. They’re fools who do not represent me or the other 1.8 billion Muslims  around the world.”


Another user was disappointed in the individuals who “ have been so obsessed with the ‘small heath after taraweeh >>>’ aesthetic that they forget how to behave. This behaviour goes completely against what Ramadan is for and gives Muslims a bad representation.”

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