UK TREND : Junior doctors to cause ‘most disruptive strike in history’

Junior doctors’ strike: ‘most disruptive strike in history’
Junior doctors’ strike: ‘most disruptive strike in history’

The NHS Confederation warned that a four-day strike by tens of thousands of junior doctors in England scheduled for the following week could cancel a quarter of a million doctor appointments. Health administrators “are more concerned about this than they have been about any other strike.”

Security guards at Heathrow Airport went on strike for 10 days last week, and passport office employees started a five-week strike the previous week. British citizens have been adversely affected by strikes by postal workers, ambulance drivers, train and bus drivers, and nurses.

Junior doctors in UK
Doctors’ strike in UK

People have taken to twitter to discuss the upcoming strikes and the impact they will have. Many people have shared their support for doctors even though they know it will be difficult for the public. Others have shared their frustration against doctors and their “unrealistic pay rise demand”.

People took to twitter to show their support for junior doctors and that “it is only right to pay them what they deserve, in order to end strike concerns”.

Indivduals shared that while they understand that the upcoming strike “ could put patients at risk.” But what people fail to understand is that “ patients are already at risk from Junior doctors being underpaid and overworked. As they suffer from the continued mismanagement of the NHS”.

Nevertheless, many others were displeased with junior doctors going on strike, particularly with their 35% pay rise demand, people thought it was “unrealistic and they are making a mockery out of the situation”.


Another individual shared “it is time to scrap the NHS, their actions during this strike prove they don’t care what happens to their patients – 35%is outrageous claim form Junior doctors”.

Supporters of Junior doctors and those that understand the situation, were quick to defend Junior doctors from those attacking them and calling them “unreasonable, etc”. They tweeted that “you don’t avoid strikes and the resolve of junior doctors by them names and demonising them”.

They also shared that “ it was only a couple of years ago, we were applauding NHS staff in the streets as they risked life and limb to keep us alive. There’s only one institution to blame for what’s happening now: it’s the Conservative government”.

Another shared that “no patients were at risk during the previous strikes, they won’t be during these strikes either. Stop blaming Junior Doctors”.

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