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UK TREND : NHS Junior doctors in England vote for strikes

Junior doctors in UK
فريق التحرير 21 February 2023

Junior doctors in England have decided to go on strike in order to demand a 26% pay increase. A 72-hour walkout by the British Medical Association (BMA) members is now anticipated, possibly as early as mid-March. On a 77.49 percent turnout, the BMA reported that 98% of members supported the strike plans.

Nearly 45,000 juniors will participate in the walkout, which will cause havoc in A&E departments and result in the cancellation of around 200,000 appointments.


Junior doctors strikes

Junior doctors
NHS Junior doctors in England vote for strikes (Pixabay)


Both healthcare professionals and the general public have used twitter to express support for junior doctors in the wake of the strikes. The hashtags #JuniorDoctor and #BMA Doctors Vote Yes have been used by Twitter users to express their support for NHS junior doctors and to criticise the Conservative government for failing to take action to save the NHS and support its employees.



Rachel Clarke, a doctor and author, tweeted her support for junior doctors and said that the vote’s outcome demonstrates “an overwhelming mandate for action from an abused, belittled, underpaid, and desperately demoralised junior workforce.”



Activist Howard Beckett shared  a comparison of the NHS starting salaries for health care workers such as nurses and junior doctors, and that of members of the conservative party. In order to demonstrate the unfair disparity that the“ Tories voted for all of this, and they are intentionally destroying the NHS”.



One individual tweeted that “ an average salary for a junior doctor is £29k per year, which is pretty low considering the stress junior doctors are under due to the pressure hospitals are experiencing”.



A medical student took to twitter to express her support and her gratitude for the doctors taking part in this walkout, as she will “ a junior doctor in 5 months” and will be impacted by the results of this upcoming strike.



Junior doctors themselves were also tweeting about how difficult it was to this walkout; however, it was necessary. One user shared that she has been “ a junior doctor for 14 years and is still paying off her student loans”.



Another shared that “ junior doctors are not taking part because they think it will be fun but in order to save the NHS and force the conservative party to see sense of this crisis”.



Junior doctor Ayo shared his personal account of the challenging working conditions, saying that the staff are “overworked and unsupported.”



Other healthcare workers were all showing solidarity to their junior colleagues taking part in the strikes.




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