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UK TREND: Twitter’s response to the Tewkesbury school stabbing

Twitter's response to the Tewkesbury school stabbing
فريق التحرير 11 July 2023

 Social media is buzzing with discussions about Tewkesbury incident that has become a hot topic. In Gloucestershire, a young boy was arrested on suspicion of trying to kill a teacher at a secondary school.

The incident happened in Stoke Orchard and has shocked the community. Thankfully, the police were able to catch the teenager and find the knife within an hour of the stabbing.

Discussion about Tewkesbury incident

UK TREND: Public reacts to stabbing in Tewkesbury
UK TREND: Public reacts to stabbing in Tewkesbury incident

The motive for the attack is still unclear, but authorities have confirmed that it is not related to terrorism. The injured teacher, Jamie Sansom, is now in stable condition after getting medical help.

As news of the incident spread on social media, people expressed their concern about the increasing violence in UK schools, drawing comparisons to similar incidents in the United States.

Many individuals took to Twitter to acknowledge the challenging circumstances faced by parents of students at Tewkesbury School today.


The thought of waiting anxiously for updates and attempting to reach their children undoubtedly evoked feelings of terror.

Additionally, people expressed their profound relief that the mathematics teacher who was stabbed managed to survive and conveyed their hopes for his prompt and complete recovery.

Users on Twitter shared details about the incident, revealing that the teacher was stabbed while intervening in a fight between Year 10 students.

Furthermore, there were remarks highlighting the dedication of teachers who often find themselves willingly placing their own safety at risk to safeguard students and colleagues.

Such acts of selflessness go beyond the expectations of their profession, yet they undertake them because someone must step up to the challenge.

Additionally, individuals voiced the opinion that the government should revaluate how they treat and undervalue teachers, especially considering their extraordinary efforts in educating and safeguarding children.

Yvette Cooper, a Member of Parliament from the Labour Party, expressed gratitude on Twitter towards the teachers and emergency services who promptly responded to the highly distressing stabbing incident in Tewkesbury.

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