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UK TREND : Twitter outrage over white women complaining about Waitrose shortages.

فريق التحرير 4 June 2023

Waitrose experienced shortages of fresh produce due to an IT issue that caused backlogs at its distribution centres. As a result, customers voiced their frustration on social media platforms. Products like coleslaw, salad vegetables, and apples became unavailable, triggering an outpouring of complaints. Among those dissatisfied was journalist Allison Pearson, who dedicated an entire article in The Telegraph to declare her decision to “give up on Waitrose.”



Waitrose shortages

Twitter outrage over white women complaining about Waitrose shortages (Unsplash)



The Twitter hashtag #Waitrose gained traction as users mocked Pearson for her perceived melodrama. They also expressed their exasperation at her choice of topic, considering the ongoing national cost-of-living crisis. This crisis has compelled over 750,000 individuals to resort to food banks for the first time this year. The juxtaposition of complaints about Waitrose shortages with the larger societal issues at hand led to further criticism and scrutiny on social media.



Twitter users ridiculed Pearson, with some sarcastically remarking, “Breaking news: a privileged white woman takes a swipe at Waitrose because she can’t find some items.” They further commented on The Telegraph’s perceived conservative leaning, humorously renaming it the “Tory graph.”


Twitter users also remarked that it would have been useful if the “ alleged journalist Allison Pearson had bothered to read about the widely reported IT problem at Waitrose, before writing her fact-free waffle for the Tory graph”.



Twitter outrage over white women complaining about Waitrose shortages (Unsplash)


Members of the public also voiced their perspective on Waitrose as a Supermarket chain, asserting that it represents privilege and is disconnected from the challenges faced by society.


Pearson was also reminded by individuals that shopping at Waitrose is not compulsory and that there are other supermarkets to choose from.



In ridiculing her lack of credibility as a journalist, people mockingly commented that “Waitrose must be thrilled with this article, considering Allison Pearson’s impeccable track record of being consistently wrong about everything.”



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