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British supermarkets warn their customers of some products’ health risks

فريق التحرير 10 October 2021

Supermarkets in the UK have issued warnings to their customers over possible health risks from specific items bought in stores.

The Daily Echo has published a list of recently recalled products across the UK’s different supermarkets.


Morrisons has issued an urgent recall over Amour Classic Vanilla Ice Cream, which is its own brand ice cream.

The Food Standards Agency issued the health warning over the brand stating: “the possible presence of plastic makes this product unsafe to eat”.


Waitrose & Partners Plantlife Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burgers are no longer in stores because the product may contain small pieces of blue plastic.


Tesco will empty the shelves of its current stock of Jack’s 50% Reduced Fat Salad Cream and Tesco 50% Less Fat Salad Cream. Said products were found to contain milk without mentioning that on the label.

This is considered unsafe for any customer who has allergies against milk or dairy products.


Sainsbury is recalling both the Original SFC Bargain Box and Sainsbury’s On the Go Spicy Chicken Pasta. Both products contain error in labelling, as both contain milk, yet the packaging does not specify that.


Aldi is recalling Crestwood 2 Puff Pastry Cheese and Onion Slices because they contain barley (gluten) and mustard which are not mentioned on the label, according to the Daily Echo.


Lidl is recalling My Street Food Patatas Bravas with Aioli Dip because it contains milk which is not mentioned on the label.

Source: The Daily Echo