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UK TREND: Workman detained by police after pushing Just Stop Oil protester

فريق التحرير 24 May 2023

After pushing a Just Stop Oil protester to the ground on Blackfriars Bridge, a workman was handcuffed by police officers. Video footage captured the man, dressed in orange work gear, attempting to remove the demonstrators before shoving one in front of a group of officers.


criticism of the police

Workman detained by police after pushing Just Stop Oil protester


In response to the incident, members of the public have taken to Twitter, criticizing the Met police for allowing the protest to persist and choosing to arrest working individuals instead of clearing the way for smooth traffic flow and uninterrupted work commutes. Hashtags such as #MetPolice and #TheMet have been trending since the incident occurred.


Twitter users expressed their dismay at the perceived bias of the Met Police, alleging that they consistently side with criminals rather than supporting hardworking individuals who have responsibilities to provide for their families.


Twitter users voiced their strong negative sentiment towards the Met Police, describing them as the most disliked police force in the UK. They highlighted a pattern of continuous negative press coverage, with officers frequently facing legal proceedings and accused of protecting criminal protesters.


Another twitter user commented that if the police consistently arrested protesters for obstruction and fulfilled their duty, there would be no need for the public to take matters into their own hands. They further argued that if the person involved in the incident was not arrested, they could potentially file a lawsuit for unlawful restraint and excessive use of force.




Workman detained by police after pushing Just Stop Oil protester


This comment reflects the opinion that the Met Police’s actions indicate their incompetence in policing and suggests that they should be disbanded.


Individuals also emphasized a perceived discrepancy in the treatment of the public, suggesting that if the protesters had obstructed the car of the Prime Minister or a figure of high importance like King Charles, the Met Police would have resorted to violence. However, in the case of ordinary working individuals, they allowed the protesters to cause disruption without taking decisive action.


Critics raised questions about the conduct of the Met police, expressing confusion as to why they were perceived to be protecting the stop oil protestors who were causing significant disruptions in the capital. They argued that it should be the protestors themselves who are arrested and urged the Met Police to abandon their perceived passivity and take meaningful action.




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