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UK TREND: The corruption of Conservative MPS continues

فريق التحرير 26 March 2023

UK TREND- Former health secretary Matt Hancock and former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng reportedly fell for a ruse by the campaign group Led by Donkeys and agreed to work for a fake South Korean company for £10,000 per day.

Following the news, the hashtags #Tory Corruption and #General election now being trending again. As members of the public have taken to twitter to share the news and express their shock at how the corruption of the Conservative party doesn’t seem to end.


UK TREND: The corruption of Conservative MPS continues


In spite of Rishi Sunak having promised “ a government of integrity at every level”, yet his own members of parliament keep breaching those roles, with one scandal after the other.



Individuals were sharing the article by the guardian using the hashtag #ToryCorruption and demanding that “ we need a general election now”.



One individual shared the tweet by the “fake company” and stated “ whatever your politics, this is not acceptable behaviour by sitting Members of Parliament. They must resign their seats”.



People were demanding that those Members of Parliament “ Matt Hancock and Kwasi Kwarteng” must resign immediately.



Twitter users also congratulated the “ Led By Donkeys” organisation for their “ great work in exposing those Conservative members as clowns!”



The corruption of Conservative

UK TREND: The corruption of Conservative MPS continues


Individuals also highlighted that “ the government are public servants; the key is in the name. It should not be an opportunity to make millions at the taxpayers’ expense”.



It was also shared that “ lucrative second jobs for Members of Parliament should be banned”.



Labour referred to the events as “shameful.” The shadow leader of the House of Commons, Thangam Debbonaire, stated: “Being an MP is a full-time job. Conservative Members of Parliament shouldn’t use taxpayer-funded offices to make money for themselves. At any time, but especially during the current crisis in the cost of living, this is shameful.



Twitter users shared : “first they trash the NHS. Then they trash the economy. Tories are serial cheats cowards.”




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