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UK TREND : The public is calling for Boris Johnson to be sacked

Boris Johnson
فريق التحرير 21 March 2023

Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that lockdown-breaking gatherings have not occurred during COVID. Pictures emerged later showing him at parties with food, alcohol etc. His case will be considered by the privileges committee, and allies believe his statement that he was unaware of the rules being broken will be ” credible “.

Approximately £220,000 of taxpayers’ money has been allocated for Mr Johnson’s legal expenses.


Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson


The general public is outraged at Boris Johnson and doesn’t seem particularly interested in his defence because they don’t believe it will contain any truth. On Twitter, the hashtags #Boris Johnson and #Johnson the liar have been trending. People just want Mr. Johnson out, and they are upset with the government for spending more than £200,000 of taxpayer money on his legal fees.


Medical personnel highlighted that “ while Boris Johnson was presiding over parties, ignoring the laws and rules he put in place to protect the NHS. Nurses and doctors were making personal sacrifices, watching as their friends and colleagues died. They adhered to the strict code of conduct”.



Individuals also questioned if Johnsons defence will be of any worth, as if ‘ he had a dynamite piece of evidence that he never misled and never deliberately broke any rules then why he didn’t put it in the public domain before he was forced to resign ?”



Others were not concerned with his defence and knew it would be full of lies, as “ he knowingly misled us, daily. And we are paying the price for that, daily.”




Twitter Comments

Boris Johnson
UK TREND : The public is calling for Boris Johnson to be sacked


Politician Nick Hoare was more concerned with the use of taxpayer’s money to cover Johnson legal fees. He took to twitter to question “ why are we taxpayers paying hundreds of thousands for a legal team to produce a 50-page dossier to try save Boris Johnson from Party gate? He is photographer drinking and joking at the social events where he lived.” Hoare highlighted that most of us feel he is guilty and that we don’t want him in our government, especially after the damage he caused.

Twitter users were in agreement with Hoare and shared that “ Boris is doing immeasurable damage to our democratic traditions”.

Another twitter user tweeted that “ there is no valid reason for a taxpayers money to be spent by a back bench MP to cobble together a defence to wat is a parliamentary matter” and they questioned ” who approved this money spending ?”.

People are clearly done with Johnson and his issues, they expressed “ he should be in jail and should defiantly not be using taxpayer money to defend himself”.





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