UK TREND : False claims by Boris Johnson enrage Twitter users

Former PM Boris Johnson
Former PM Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson claims that during an “extraordinary” conversation in February, following his visit to Kyiv, the Russian president said, “I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile, it would only take a minute.”

The former prime minister made his remarks in a three-part BBC Two documentary on the conflict. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, responded to the allegation by telling reporters that what Johnson said was untrue or, to be more precise, “a lie.”

Kremlin dismisses Boris Johnson’s claims!

Kremlin denies Putin threatened Boris Johnson

Following the Kremlin’s public denial of those claims and labelling them as a “lie,” the hashtags #Johnson the liar and #Boris the liar has been trending on Twitter. Members have created memes to make light of the situation and have expressed their frustration with the Conservative government, whose members continue to show they are unfit to perform their duties. The hashtags #Tory Corruption and #Tory criminals unfit to govern were also trending.

Members of the public were all sharing on twitter how this is the only time where they will believe “untrustworthy” Putin ( highly disliked political figure) as no one trust the former prime minster , when all he has done is continue to lie to the public.

Twitter user Helen Kerr shared that although it pains here to say this, she is “ more inclined to believe the kremlin than back bench Boris”.

Videos and images of Johnson with a long nose looking like Pinocchio (movie character whose nose grows as he lies), where being shared on twitter.


Twitter user Chris Foster tweeted “ Johnson and the truth are two words that never go together # Boris the liar”.

Distracting the public !

Boris Johnson sparks a Twitter fire

Others tweeted about how this is only a distraction tactic from his “ dodgy Russians dealings and connections”.

Some also shared that this “ is only to keep the papers busy and distract the public from his recent £800,000 scandal”.

Another said this is just another way of Johnsons to “ try make himself relevant again”.

People questioned “ Johnsons desperate need to stay relevant and what message does his behaviour give to the people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.” It seems that he needs a bigger stage than his constituency.

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