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Highlights: Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party conference speech

أبرز النقاط خطاب بوريس جونسون في مؤتمر حزب المحافظين
Local 6 October 2021

Boris Jonson have taken the stage on the fourth day of the Conservative Party conference for his long-awaited keynote speech. Here are the notes he highlighted

Public finances

The PM declares that the government must protect the country from further turmoil to the public finances after covid-19 hit. He warned that more borrowing now will lead to more problems later such as tax increase.

Social Care

He says that social care must be given the utmost importance and the much-needed funds. He also outlined a plan to using a new technology that will connect England’s health and social care services.

Controlled Immigration

Johnson stresses the importance of securing borders for fixing the country’s economy. He says that the country must not go back to being a low wage, low skill economy that relies on cheap foreign labor. Yet he claims that he welcomes immigration (“provided we know who they are”) and want to allow talents into the UK.

He also expressed disdain towards traffickers, saying: “No sympathy to illegal traffickers” and their “lethal trade.”


PM says: “there is no reason why the inhabitants of one part of the country should be geographically fated to be poorer than others”

Harsher Sentences and Increased Police Power

Reiterating what Priti Patel said in her speech the day before, Johnson stresses that the country will no longer tolerate the environmental “protestors” blocking motorways.

He assured that he will be working towards harsher sentences for those protestors, along with any crime, including drug usage and sexual offences.

Increased Productivity

PM says that the youth’s productivity can be given a boost through helping them buy a house. The country currently offers 95% mortgages and is working on improving the bus system and plugging gigabytes. (Xanax) With high productivity levels, the country will enjoy a high-skill economy.

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