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UK TREND : Tory MP expelled after comparing Covid to the Holocaust

UK TREND : Tory MP expelled after comparing Covid to the Holocaust
فريق التحرير 27 April 2023

After Andrew Bridgen made a comparison between the Holocaust and the Covid-19 vaccine, the Conservatives kicked him out of the party. After losing the party whip, he was already serving as an independent MP, but an investigation revealed that his remarks violated party rules against lobbying, leading to his expulsion from the organisation.


He claimed that the Tories expelled him “under false pretences” and declared his intention to run against them in the next election as he denounced “corruption, collusion, and cover-ups.”


The hashtag #Andrew Bridgen is currently trending on twitter in response to his dismissal. People from the public have expressed their opinions on social media platforms, with many saying they support Bridgen and don’t think his actions merit being kicked out of parliament, unlike other members who committed more serious crimes but received no punishment.

People shared that “ Andrew Bridgen will be much better off as an independent. He can say what he likes and hopefully, he will. We need to keep supporting him. Go for it, Andrew!”.

Petitions were also started in order to demand justice for Andrew Bridgen.

Individuals tweeted that for “ Sunak and Hancock to condemn the action of Andrew Bridgen, it must mean that he is right.”

General Secretary for the Free Speech Union Toby Young shared the news on twitter and stated that “ Bridgen was expelled after raising concerns about Covid vaccine harms. You don’t have to agree with everything he says to regard this as deeply regrettable”.

Another twitter user seems to share the same view as Young. As she tweeted “ whatever your view of Andrew Bridgen is, the principle of being cancelled for telling your truth should scare everyone. They’re using him as an example to quieten anyone that wants to speak up. We need all the voices we can get !!!”.

Another user shared that “ what should concern everyone is Andrew Bridgen has done nothing wrong!”.

Rick C was questioning if Bridgen “ was a bully or made unwanted sexually suggestive comments ?”. In order for him to face such harsh consequences.

People were also attacking 30p Lee Anderson for his ‘aggressive’ behaviour with Andrew Bridgen.


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