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Investigation: America disposes of millions of Covid vaccine doses

فريق التحرير 17 October 2021

Investigation: America disposes of millions of Covid vaccine doses

The United States is throwing out millions of extra Covid vaccine doses, instead of sending some to those in dire need of them.

The Guardian reported that at least 15m doses were scrapped in the US between March and September, according to one analysis of CDC data. That comes after reports that the States discarded a million doses between December and July.

Covid vaccines have a short expiry date, but states cannot simply donate what the doses they have received for multiple “bureaucratic and safety concerns,” Guardian says.

For the vaccines to be put to good use, the president of the United States will need to make an official decision to hand out vaccines to poorer countries.




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Reports have suggested that PM will aim to ban indoor heating systems that rely on gas by 2035.

In another move toward zero emissions, Boris Johnson will ban all new gas boilers by 2035, reports Daily Mail. He will also offer taxpayer-funded incentives to install green alternatives.

Even with the incentives, the plans are predicted to hit millions of Britons because the green alternatives currently cost between £10,000 and £20,000 to buy and install.

Besides the cost, some experts also said that the switch might not be possible to some of the older buildings.




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UK tourist attractions see doubling in visiting costs

According to the Guardian, recent research compared prices for visiting some of the UK’s tourist attractions between 2016 and 2021. The results showed a surge in prices, especially in English Heritage sites.

Visiting Carlisle’s medieval castle used to cost £16.60 in 2016 compared to £32.80 now. The study also found that Tintagel Castle in Cornwall saw an increase of £18. (zolpidem) 20 in visiting price over the allocated period.

Other sites to see increase were the Tower of London, Bath’s Roman baths, and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The last one reached a whopping £120 for a family visit.