UK TREND : Boris Johnson sparks a Twitter fire

Boris Johnson sparks a Twitter fire

Boris Johnson, a former British prime minister, has visited Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. On Sunday, Mr. Johnson travelled to the city’s outskirts before meeting Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine.

As people have questioned Johnson’s visit and its purpose in light of the fact that he has been benched, the hashtag #Boris Johnson has been trending on Twitter. Many members of the public have expressed their outrage and claimed that Boris appears to have used this trip for publicity in order to draw attention away from the assistance provided by the BBC chairman that allowed him to receive a loan of £800,000.

Boris Johnson ignites Twitter


It was a surprise visit that shocked people , who were displeased as “ he is no longer the foreign secretary or the Prime Minster”. Thus, people are questioning “ who approved this trip and who’s paying for it ?”, people seem to be strongly against Boris Johnson representing them in any way, particularly “ on the world stage”.


It was also highlighted that Johnson is visiting Ukraine again “ despite warnings for senior military figures that he should stay away”. Therefore, people have commented that he is just “looking for publicity”.

People were ashamed of his actions as “ he is using the situation in Ukraine to remain on the world stage. He’s undermining the UK government and democracy in general”. It was also sated again that “ he should not be representing the British people in any shape or form”.

High profile individuals were focused on the purpose of the trip , questioning “ if the taxpayer is paying for this trip, if its an official government business trip or just a Boris personal PR trip”.


“No reason to be in Ukraine”

Former Prime minister Boris Johnsons

More importantly , people were tweeting that “ he has no reason to be in Ukraine , but rather he should be in the UK answering questions about the £800 thousand loan he got from the BBC chairman”.

It was evident to the public that “ Johnson was just escaping as news breaks of his £800 thousand loan guarantee”.

Nevertheless, individuals were shocked at Boris Johnson escaping the questioning in the UK by going to a county of war (Ukraine).

However, to the people it seems that he does not care much and is “only in Ukraine to save hassle from press, media, public about BBC loan”.


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