UK TREND : The snow is starting to cover the whole of the UK

UK TREND : The snow is starting to cover the whole of the UK
UK TREND : The snow is starting to cover the whole of the UK

This week, due to a cold snap, temperatures are falling below freezing, and large amounts of snow are falling in some areas of the country. Due to overnight ice, police have advised the public to only travel “if strictly essential.” This has resulted in hazardous driving conditions.

On Twitter, the hashtag #snow has been trending as people from all over the UK have been posting pictures and videos of the snow.


Some people have also commented on the strong winds they are currently experiencing, particularly on Scottish motorways where there is “horizontal snow and 40 mph winds.”

A twitter user posted a video of cars struggling to go “uphill in Inverness,” but a person using a mobility scooter was moving up the hill much more quickly and smoothly than the cars.



Following a day of moderate climates, Twitter users expressed their surprise when “they woke up to snow,” saying that it was quite unexpected to find Scotland and parts of England covered in snow.


As the UK deals with freezing weather that has caused widespread disruption, heavy snowfall may result in power outages and road closures in some areas.

The United Kingdom, Wales, and Northern Ireland are all under four yellow weather warnings for snow and ice, and Scotland is under a yellow and amber alert

While others believed snow to be “lethal” and a potential source of difficulties. Others praised the “fall of snow,” saying it was “nice to have some true winter weather instead of endless rain”.


Up to 20 cm of snow is expected to fall in Aberdeenshire and the Highlands, while 15 cm of snow is possible in North Wales’s mountainous regions.




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