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UK TREND : Keir Starmer paid more tax than Rishi Sunak

Keir Starmer raises controversy about his tax privileges
فريق التحرير 24 March 2023

In the most recent fiscal year, Sir Keir Starmer paid tax in effect at a rate of nearly 32% while the prime minister, a multimillionaire, paid tax in effect at just over 22%.

After Rishi Sunak’s tax return was made public, Sir Keir did the same the following day. This timing coincided with Boris Johnson’s dramatic appearance before the privileges committee to try to save his career in politics.

“Keir Starmer” is the sole beneficiary of special tax privileges

UK TREND : The public wants Starmer out for his Tory like views
Labour party leader Keir Starmer

Following the publication of his tax return, the hashtag #Keir Starmer has been trending on social media platforms. As individual’s have been discussing the tax return of the labour leader, as well as the Prime Ministers and drawing their own conclusions .

People highlighted how Labour Leader Keir Starmer paid a higher percentage in tax than Prime Minster Rishi Sunak, who is a multi-millionaire and earned “ nine times as much last year”.

Although some people were pleased that he has paid his taxes. Many others accused him of being a “hypocrite” due to his “ gold plated pension from his time as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) being exempt from lifetime tax-free savings limit”, yet he wants to keep the law in place for everyone else.

Images were shared of the legislation which specifically names “ Keir Starmer” as the sole beneficiary of these special tax privileges.

The legislation has resulted in many individuals being disappointed in the Labour party and no longer supporting it, as it seems to now be “ Labour : for the few, not the many”. People shared that “ Keir Starmer pretends to stand up for the regular working-class folk whilst he laughs his way to the bank, thanks to having his own *personal* Act of Parliament to allow him to avoid tax on his pension.”

The people demanded that if “ it really is ‘one rule for all’ as Keir Starmer says then he should ensure that his first act is to remove his special pensions arrangements”. Others also called for him to pay back the sums he has been avoiding in pension tax since 2013.


UK TREND : The public wants Starmer out for his Tory like views

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