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UK TREND : Public outrage over Johnson nominating his father for a knighthood

Boris Johnson
فريق التحرير 7 March 2023

The former British prime minister Boris Johnson has suggested his father Stanley be given a knighthood as part of the list of honours he can bestow as a departing leader, which has led to claims that he has denigrated the honours system.

Boris Johnson denigrated the honours system

Boris Johnson
The former PM suggested his father be given a knighthood 

Due in large part to the lack of apparent merit and the allegations made against Stanley’s behaviour, the proposed knighthood for him has generated a great deal of resentment.

The nomination has sparked anger among the public, who have also vented on twitter about how “absurd” they find it. As people have expressed their shock and annoyance at the news, the hashtag #BorisJohnson has been trending on twitter.

It would be “outrageous,” according to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, if the knighthood is granted.

Individuals were at loss of words, one user shared “ What can I say… Boris Johnson has to resign in disgrace… then nominates his own father for a knighthood… words fail me”.

Another user shared their own perspective, that if they were a Prime Minster, they would want those “nominated for a Knighthood to be truly worthy of the honour – people who had done real good in the country. That would show integrity and give value to the actions off the nominees. Boris Johnson clearly does not think that is important”.

Twitter user Sandy tweeted : “ You really are a piece of work Boris Johnson giving your own dad a knighthood proves you’re not fit to be in public office, because you’re fundamentally unable to be impartial.”

People were very unpleased with Johnsons actions.

Some even shared that it would be a crime to award Stanley Johnson with a knighthood.

Members of the public also highlighted that “ the system must not be fit for purpose for it to allow a disgraced Prime Minster to nominate his DAD for a Knighthood in his resignations honours list”.

Others started a petition to stop Boris Johnson giving his father a Knighthood and tweeted “ this absurd level of corruption cannot stand”.

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