UK TREND: The controversial influencer Andrew Tate has lung cancer

UK TREND : The controversial influencer Andrew Tate has lung cancer
Andrew Tate lung cancer is controversial on Twitter

Media personality Andrew Tate, currently imprisoned in Romania, has medical records suggesting he is suffering from suspected lung cancer.

Since their detention in December on suspicion of rape and human trafficking, the 36-year-old former kickboxer-turned-influencer and his brother, Tristan Tate, are being held in Romania.

The hashtag # Andrew Tate has been trending on social media since the disclosure of these medical records. Supporters of the influencer have expressed their sorrow over the news and called for his and his brother’s immediate release. While opposers of the influencers have celebrated the news on social media, they contend that it is what he deserved for his actions.



One supporter shared that “ he is praying for his brother Andrew Tate” and he is calling on Romanian authorities to release Tate and his brother immediately as they are “ innocent”.


Another supporter also shared that “ he is praying for Andrew Tate”.



People were sharing that they “ feel sorry for him” as cancer is not easy.



On the other hand, those that dislike Tate were pleased with the news and expressed it on Twitter. One user shared “ Andrew Tate has cancer… God works in amazing ways”  indicating this is God’s way of punishing Tate for his actions.

Supporters also made it clear that critics of Tate who are “ enjoying the situation, must be sick humans to be happy about Andrew Tate’s condition”.

One individual shared that “ although she greatly despises Andrew Tate, him having lung cancer is sad”.

Twitter user Inez shared her shock that some people “ are rejoicing over the fact that Andrew Tate has cancer”. As “ she personally would never, having seen family members struggle terribly mentally and physically then eventually lose their lives. Therefore, she would never wish that on anyone”.



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