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UK TREND : Muslims condemn the use of hijabi character Hafsa to promote homosexuality

Muslims condemn the use of hijabi character Hafsa to promote homosexuality
فريق التحرير 3 March 2023

Images of a lesson being taught in an East London secondary school where students were being taught that there are no issues with being gay and Muslim were shared on social media. This goes against Islamic teachings, and Muslim parents have been concerned about it because they don’t want their children to be exposed to “haram” ideas.

Muslims criticize a school in London for promoting homosexuality among Muslim students

School In London (Unsplash)
 School In London (Unsplash)

Since Muslims have been criticising the school for teaching this, the topic has been trending on Twitter. Nevertheless, a tiny minority tweeted their support for this, but the majority of people were not pleased with the school.

Individuals shared that this is an important reason as to why “ Muslim parents should send their kids to Islamic schools”.

One of the parents had the same idea and shared that this is the reason they “ sent their daughters away to Pakistan to attend Islamic schools and live in an Islamic culture”.

Parents were tweeting about how big this issue is, and they need “ to spend more time discussing and giving their kids the correct Islamic teaching about topics such as LGBTQ, to ensure they are not influenced by the teachings of the school curriculum ”.

Twitter users were surprised at the statement on the PowerPoint for “ telling us what our religion allows”. The slide said she realised she could be both ( as in Muslim and Gay). (Ortery)

People were furious at British schools as they are “ forcing LGBTQ propaganda upon Muslim children, telling them being Muslim and gay is okay”. When for Muslims it most defiantly is not okay and goes against the teachings of the religion.

Individuals were tweeting that “ if the Quran said its haram, others such as this school’s opinions do not matter”.

It was made clear by Muslim twitter users that “ just because some “Muslim” says it’s okay to be gay doesn’t mean Islam allows it. We don’t follow people. We follow Allah and what He sent to His Messenger”.

A small minority were in support of the school and tweeted that “ Hafsa’s faith matter between her and her god. She can be bisexual and Muslim in our country because we’re a secular state without sharia law. You don’t have to like it, but it is not going to change. The school is doing the right thing”.

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