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UK TREND : Holidays are being cancelled due to Heathrow strikes

فريق التحرير 31 March 2023

Security guard strikes at Heathrow Airport will take place on Friday after last-ditch negotiations to settle a pay dispute fell through. The action is likely to cause travel during school breaks to be disrupted. For ten days, including the majority of Easter weekend, about 1,400 Unite members will be on strike.

Due to traveller dissatisfaction with the airport and its staff as a result of the upcoming disruptions, the hashtag “Heathrow Strikes” has started to trend on Twitter.  People are worried that their plans for the Easter holiday will be cancelled due to the strikes, they have also been tweeting airlines with inquiries about their flights.

Heathrow strike cancels Holidays!

فوضى في مطار هيثرو ومسافرون يعودون دون أمتعتهم
UK Trend: Security guards at Heathrow airport decide to take an action!

People were furious with the union behind the strikes, shared that “ The Independent unite has a laser like eye on spoiling people’s holiday if you have had no reason to dislike unions here it is there are better ways but not for the disrupters”.

Individuals also took to social media to share the news and warn others that “ travel chaos will hit Heathrow airport”, thus people must be informed and well prepared.

مطار هيثرو
UK Trend: Security guards at Heathrow airport decide to take an action!

Journalist Taj Ali tweeted that the union wanted to avoid strikes, yet Heathrow airport “ threw away the opportunity, it seemed that they had no intention of avoiding industrial action”.

According to Wayne King ( Unite regional co-ordinating officer ) “The strike action will undoubtedly result in severe delays and disruption to passengers across the airport, but this dispute is a direct result of Heathrow Airport’s stubborn refusal to pay its workers fairly.”

Individuals were tweeting Heathrow Airport, requesting an update on the latest with the strikes, to help them understand what would happen and how it would affect passengers.

Some people also shared their support for the workers and stated “ workers at Heathrow Airport are on poverty wages while the chief executive and senior managers enjoy huge salaries. It is the airport’s workers who are fundamental to its success, and they deserve a fair pay increase”.

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