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UK TREND: Outrage after Braverman intends to abandon key Windrush pledges

Suella Braverman
فريق التحرير 7 January 2023

(UK TREND) According to reports, the Home Secretary may ditch some reforms promised after the Windrush scandal. As the UK government prepares to implement hard-line promises to detain and remove migrants quickly, this is taking place.

Following the disclosure of this information by the Guardian newspaper, people have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage at the government’s recent actions. Hashtags like #ToryCorruption and #Tory Criminals have been used by members of the public in their tweets. The hashtag #SuellaBraverman and the Guardian article outlining the decision to abandon the Windrush promises are currently trending, and many disapproving members of parliament have been using them to share their frustration.




UK TREND: SuellaBraverman


Individuals tweeted that these actions clearly demonstrate institutional racism and a racist government made up of racist ministers that would permit Braverman to ditch the Windrush pledges as she intends.



Labour Member of Parliament Yvette Cooper expressed her disappointment on twitter and shared “ It’s been 5 years since the Windrush Scandal, so awful that Tory Home Secretary resigned, and successors promised radical change and implantation of the Windrush report”. However, she’s upset that “ now Sunak and Braverman are ripping their promises to Windrush generation up.”


Member of parliament for the Green Party Caroline Lucas, also shared the article and commented on how the difficult conditions for migrants in the UK “ seems to be getting *even worse*. Lucas stated “ it appears that the hostile environment towards migrant is here to stay . Migrants’ commissioner dropped, independent border inspector pow

ers abandoned, post-Windrush reform downgraded”. She emphasis that action must be taken as “Suella Braverman cannot be allowed to get away with doing this”.


Racist Actions

UK TREND: Racist measures against immigrants in Britain


India Willoughby, a broadcaster, expressed her displeasure with the government in a tweet because it enabled for this to occur by giving Braverman the authority to do such despicable things.

Members of the British public have clearly stated that “ they are appalled by Suella Braverman and her false claims that she speaks on behalf of the public . As she does not and never will”.

A Guardian report said Suella Braverman plans to drop the pledge to create a post of migrants’ commissioner. This post would speak up for migrants and identify systemic problems within the UK immigration system. Furthermore, they are abandoning promises to expand the authority of the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration (ICIBI).

 Despite several recommendations still needing to be fulfilled, a formal announcement will be made next week revealing that 28 of the 30 recommendations are being formally “closed”.



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