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UK TREND: Outrage as pressure on the NHS becomes unbearable

فريق التحرير 3 January 2023

(UK TREND)- Leading medics have warned that the current pressure on the NHS is “unbearable and unsustainable”, with the crisis likely to last until Easter. Delays in emergency care could be responsible for up to 500 deaths per week, they warned. The BMA council chair, Professor Phil Banfield, has called on the government to act immediately to resolve the crisis.

The demand for hospitals is soaring, partly due to winter illnesses such as the flu and Covid. The extraordinary pressure of the last few days has forced several hospitals to declare critical incidents, which means they can’t function as usual.



UK TREND: pressure on the NHS (Pixabay)


High-profile people, politicians, and members of the public have taken to Twitter in response to the health leaders’ warning that the NHS crisis is rapidly deteriorating to vent their anger at the government. They are frustrated with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Steve Barclay for their actions, which have allowed the NHS to fail in this way. Currently trending on Twitter are the hashtags #NHS CRISIS and #ToriesDestroyingOurNHS.



Member of Parliament Daisy Cooper tweeted that “ The NHS crisis is a life-or-death situation for a huge number of patients” . She highlighted that “parliament must be recalled, and a national major incident declared to put the NHS back on a pandemic-style footing”.



Claudia Webbe is another member of parliament that also tweeted about the situation, as she shared some statistics that highlight the gravity of the situation. She also stated that “Tories manufactured this NHS crisis to build their case for privatisation”.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals also used Twitter to criticise the conservative government for its failures in preventing the NHS crisis from getting worse.


Government responsibility

UK TREND: The Conservative government bears responsibility for the collapse of the health sector (Pixabay)


Members of the public expressed their anger at the government for attributing the NHS crisis to the pandemic. One individual tweeted “ the Pandemic is not responsible for 12 years of underfunding, lack of community care so elderly can be discharged, shortage of trained staff or people applying to train”.


The public appears to be in agreement that neither the pandemic nor the healthcare worker strikes are to blame—only the Conservative government.

People think the conservative government’s inaction and the way they allowed the crisis to get worse only serve to highlight the assumption that they are “allowing patients to die to enable the complete sell and privatisation of the NHS.”


A moving image of a healthcare worker drowning in water (due to high pressure and a lack of funding from the government) while still making every effort to lift the bed of a patient in need of aid has been widely circulated on social media platforms. Thus, it represents the heroic efforts NHS employees make while working under intense stress for the community they serve.



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