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UK TREND : Public’s reaction to being called “poor” by Bank of England

UK TREND : Public’s reaction to being called “poor” by Bank of England
فريق التحرير 26 April 2023

Huw Pill, the chief economist at the Bank of England, has stated that British households and businesses “need to accept” that they are poorer and stop requesting pay increases and increasing prices.

According to Pill, the economy is playing “pass the parcel” as businesses and households try to pass along their higher costs.

The statements made by Mr Phill have shocked and enraged members of the public, they have taken to twitter to express their opinion with regards to being told they “ need to accept that, yes, we’re all worse off”. The hashtag #Bank of England has been trending as a result.

People have shared what Huw Phill has said and added their own twist to it, such as tweeting that the Bank of England is telling us “ you need to accept that you’re poorer, so just shut up and be happy”.


Socialist Howard Beckett questioned the statement and shared “ why people need to accept they are poorer. When corporate profits hit 70 year high last year. How about we don’t accept exploitation at the hands of the rich.” According to Becket “It is time to learn from France”.


Economic justice campaigner Richard Murphy shared the news and stated that “ the people of this country are poorer because of deliberate government austerity policies – and they need never accept that”.




Member of Parliament Richard Burgeon tweeted “ I am sick of the rich and the powerful saying this while corporate profits soar and billionaires rake it in. Enough of making ordinary people pay. We need a Wealth Tax on the super-rich!”.



People were truly shocked at the statements made by the Bank of England’s chief economist and tweeted that “ he woke up and decided on violence ” by saying this stuff.



Another twitter user wondered “ if rather than asking us to accept being poorer. How about he tells his pals in government ( who are responsible for making us poorer) to stop thieving our money…”


Associate Editor at Daily Mirror Kevin Maguire wondered “ what substance did Huw Phill take to be lecturing worker and families to meekly agree to be poorer Britons, he is just adding insult to injury”.



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