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UK TREND : The public’s reaction to Diane Abbots racism letter suspension

UK TREND : The public’s reaction to Diane Abbots racism letter suspension
فريق التحرير 24 April 2023

According to the Labour party, Diane Abbott has been suspended as a Labour MP while an investigation into a letter she wrote to the Observer about racism is conducted. In a letter that was published on Sunday, the politician claimed that “many types of white people with points of difference” can encounter prejudice. However, she added, they are not subject to racism “all their lives.”

Despite the fact that she later tweeted to retract her statements and apologise “for any anguish caused,” The comments, however, were deemed “deeply offensive and wrong” by the Labour Party.

Following the release of the letter and her suspension, her story has been trending on news outlets and social media platforms. Members of the public have been discussing Abbots statements and the consequences she faced.





Businesswomen Gina Miller shared that “ politicians, our leaders, must be held to the highest standards of responsibility which is why I agree that Diane Abbott should be suspended. But that should also apply to Suella Braverman for her racially charged language”.





Many people were in agreement that what Diane Abbot said was inappropriate and she should face the consequences. However, they think “it is unacceptable that Labour have acted so swiftly against a Black MP while others are allowed to be racist/homophobic/transphobic with impunity”.


Halima Khan the former chair of the Labour Party’s BAME Staff Network tweeted that “ Diane Abbot’s suspension is an example of how Labour uses Antisemitism to target people of colour. Steve Reed used an explicit Antisemitic trope directly against a Jewish man. We were told we couldn’t investigate him. Racism is Reed’s apology was accepted; Abbott’s wasn’t.”

People were tweeting about the hypocrisy of the individual’s attacking Diane Abbot. One individual tweeted “ Isn’t it ironic that a country that cannot even say the words, Institutional Racism suddenly recognises it when Diane Abbott speaks???”.


Another individual shared that whilst they do not defend Diane Abbot’s comments, they will “ not accept a word of condemnation from those who’ve perpetuated, defended or ignored racism aimed at her. Which is most of the right of the Labour Party. Hypothetical scum”.

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