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UK TREND : The public stands with Jeremy Corbyn

UK TREND : The public stands with Jeremy Corbyn
فريق التحرير 29 March 2023

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of Labour voted in favour of a motion put forth by the party’s current leader, Sir Keir Starmer, to block the endorsement of his predecessor for the seat he has held as an MP for 40 years. Jeremy Corbyn referred to the Labour Party’s decision to prevent him from running as a candidate in the upcoming general election as a “shameful attack on party democracy” and vowed to “not be intimidated into silence.”


The news has outraged members of the public, consequently hashtag #Jeremy Corbyn has been trending on social media platforms. As individuals have been expressing their support for Corbyn and anger with the labour party for this motion block.

Jeremy Corbyn shared his statement on the “ latest attempt to block his candidacy for Islington North” on twitter in which he highlighted that “ he is determined to keep working for a better world, even if the leadership is unwilling to support him”.

Supporters of Corbyn took to twitter to express their love and support, declaring “ he is the only member of parliament they will truly back”.

One supporter tweeted that “Keir Starmer is not just trying to silence Jeremy Corbyn . He is silencing all those who believe a better world is possible.”

Individuals were furious at Keir Starmer, calling him a “ hypocrite”. As during his election campaign, he tweeted that “ the selection for Labour candidates needs to be more democratic and that we should end NEC impositions of candidates” yet now he wants to “impose a candidate in Islington North, a constituency held for 40 years by Jeremy Corbyn over 10 general elections ”.

Images were also shared of Jeremy Corbyn at a protest against racism, the same day that the news came out. Individuals highlighted that this is “ typical of Jeremy Corbyn, on a day where Starmer has tried to destroy him, he is outside Parliament standing with and helping ordinary people. He has something that Starmer never will. Class.”

One individual tweeted that “ Keir Starmer is so afraid that he will lose the next general election for Prime Minster if Jeremy Corbyn is allowed to stand, Keir Starmer has shown his true colours of how deceitful he is and certainly untrustworthy.”


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