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UK TREND : The people’s response to the Turkey and Syria earthquakes

UK TREND: Turkey and Syria earthquake
فريق التحرير 7 February 2023

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks that caused extensive damage in Turkey and Syria resulted in thousands of deaths and numerous injuries.

Since the first earthquake struck early on Monday morning, the death toll—now at more than 3,400—has rapidly risen. A second strong tremor that struck further north occurred about 12 hours later.

Devastating earthquake hits Turkey and Syria 

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
Love and support for the people of Turkey and Syria

The #TurkiyeEarthquake hashtag has been trending globally as people around the world have expressed their love and support for the people of Turkey and Syria during these difficult times. Different nations are sending assistance to aid in the rescue efforts.

British Prime Minster Rishi Sunak tweeted his support for the people of “ Turkey and Syria” early Monday morning . He stated that his “ thoughts are particularly with those first respondents working so valiantly to save those trapped by the earthquake”. The Prime Minster also clearly stated that “ the UK stands ready to help in whatever way we can”.

Labour Member of Parliament for Islington North Jeremy Corbyn also shared a video from Aljazeera on his account, along with the caption “ I am heartbroken to see the awful news from Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Our thoughts go out to all those who have lost loved ones in this devastating earthquake, and to the brave rescuers risking their lives to save others.”

Members of the public were also using twitter as a tool to call out on world leaders, requesting for them to offer help and support to the people of Turkey and Syria.

Specialized teams, sniffer dogs, and other equipment are being sent by nations all over the world to aid in the rescue operations.

Journalist Ravi Chaturvedi shared of a video of a rescue team flying out from Taiwan to offer help to Turkey.

Another twitter user also shared a video of “ Russian rescuers why are flying out to the catastrophic earthquake zone in Turkey and Syria. The group includes 7 crews with the necessary equipment.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook also shared a thoughtful tweet “ sending condolences to the people of Turkey, Syria and anyone affected by the devastating earthquakes”. He also announced that “Apple will be donating to relief and recovery efforts”.


Second Earthquake in Turkey and Syria (Youtube: The Guardian)

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