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UK TREND : Liz Truss condemned for her ignorant defence of leadership

Liz Truss
فريق التحرير 6 February 2023

Following a ferocious backlash from the public and politicians, including senior Tories, Liz Truss and her allies were accused with living in a “fantasy” for defending her disastrous six-week tenure at No. 10.

Liz Truss failed to express regret for the economic crisis

The UKs Prime Minister Liz Truss
Former Prime Minister Liz Truss (Anadolu Images)

The former prime minister was accused with “sour grapes” after failing to express regret for the economic crisis of the late fall in a 4,000-word article where she attributed the chaos to the “left-wing economic establishment” and opposition to tax cuts within her own party.

The #Liz Truss hashtag has gained popularity since the publication of the article in the Telegraph. Individuals have expressed how astonished they were by Truss’s natural inclination to place the blame for her actions on anyone and everything rather than owning up to her mistakes and at-least apologising for the disaster she caused.

It was highlighted how Liz Truss started her piece by stating “ I am not claiming to be blameless”. But then “ blamed her disastrous six-week premiership on almost entirely everyone else”.

Another individual highlighted that “ Truss wrote a 4,000-word piece on how she did nothing wrong … that’s one word for every £75 million she wiped off the value of UK assets”.

Individuals were confused as to why the Telegraph, referred to as “ Tory graph” in the tweet, would give a platform to someone who is “ an utterly dismal prime minster who is insanely arrogant and dangerously ideological. Wildly irresponsible and startlingly delusion.” In order for her to just blame others for her failure.

People thought the content of her piece was so bizarre, that it was comedic, and they were creating and sharing cartoons and memes of Truss to lighten the mood with the chaos that we are experiencing with British politics.

One twitter user created a cartoon of Liz Truss at the therapist and was being asked “ if the lift wing economic establishment is in the room with her”. As it seems that she’s hallucinating by placing the blame on them .

Although individuals were making light of the situation and were calling the whole piece and Liz Truss a “joke”. They shared that it raises a serious question as to how a “ politician as patently unhinged as Liz Truss managed to become a prime minster without even an election”.

Another shared that “ it is tragic how she ever became Prime Minster as she clearly lacks the intelligence to have self-awareness”.

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