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UK TREND : The ULEZ expansion is causing further controversy

فريق التحرير 3 February 2023

During a cost-of-living discussion on Thursday at City Hall, the Mayor of London and financial expert Martin Lewis both took questions from the general public. The expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), according to Mr. Lewis, will have a greater impact on drivers who are less wealthy. What is the necessary number of deaths per year to make it acceptable? Mr. Khan responded to Mr. Lewis.

Twitter users express their rage about ULEZ

A large number of London councils oppose ULEZ

A large number of London councils and the general public have opposed the mayor’s flagship clean-air policy. Following the public debate, the general public has utilised twitter to express their rage about the policy by using the hashtag #ULEZ.

The mayor’s response to Martin Lewis was not well received by the public. It was stated that “it is not proper for the mayor to accuse Lewis of wanting people to die simply for pointing out that ULEZ fees will affect those on lower incomes.” Making that remark was viewed as unnecessary and unkind.

Individuals have lost all trust in Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Individuals have been tweeting that they have “ lost all trust in Sadiq Khan and will never vote for him again. As he is destroying people’s lives who are already struggling due to the cost-of-living crisis”.

During a live debate, an irate lorry driver heckled Sadiq Khan about his ULEZ expansion and called him a “conman.” Security then led her outside. Afterward, she told media outlets that “there are people who want to go and visit their loved ones’ graves, but they have to pay £12.50. It is disgusting.

Twitter users were sharing stories of the struggles they already experience having to pay for ULEZ, pre-expansion and the difficulties it causes. They highlighted the struggles of ordinary individuals, whereas “ Sadiq Khan is seen in his £300,000 car”.

Images of the Mayor arriving to work in his Range Rover were shared and it was noted that his luxury car is “ courtesy of London taxpayers # mayoral hypocrisy”.

One twitter user shared how “ he was such a huge fan of Sadiq Khan and a lifelong labour voter”. However, following the plans for ULEZ expansion and the issues, “ they are no longer a supporter”.

Additionally, people were sharing research results that have concluded that “the ULEZ expansion would have little to no affect in making London’s air cleaner.” Additionally, statistics indicate that the majority of Londoners opposed the expansion. People are therefore puzzled as to why the mayor is continuing with it.

Tory council prepares £400,000 fund to fight Ulez expansion in court (Youtube: Evening Standard)

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