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UK TREND : The public’s response to the teachers strike

UK schools
فريق التحرير 1 February 2023

The most significant teachers’ strike in years will take place following the failure of “deeply disappointing” negotiations with the education secretary. In the first nationwide strikes since 2016, teachers are preparing to walk out in England and Wales over pay.

In what will be the largest day of industrial action in more than a decade, up to 500,000 workers, including teachers, train drivers, civil servants, university lecturers, bus drivers, and security guards, are expected to participate in the strike on Wednesday the 1st of February.


Twitter has been trending with the hashtag #TeachersStrike in the run-up to the strike, with users tweeting their support for teachers and explaining why such actions are necessary given the conditions of their work.



It’s important to note that “this issue is NOT just about teacher pay”, as the Teacher Tool Kit Twitter account stated. It also has to do with underfunded schools, a shortening of the school day and hours, and one of the highest teacher workloads in the world! Parents must support the strike even though it may disrupt their daily routine because it’s imperative to demand better conditions for the teachers, who in turn will provide better teaching for all students.

Similar sentiments were expressed by teacher account “Miss Haywood,” who used the example of having to buy supplies for the kids because the school was out. According to her, the strikes are about much more than just demanding higher pay; they’re also about demanding enough funding and resources for our schools.


Another teacher pointed out that teachers will actually “ lose a day’s salary over the strike day” . Therefore, they’re not benefiting and have only come to this as a last resort.


It was also shared that while they “ will lose a day’s pay , they will still be doing work at home, such as marking books, planning lessons and answering emails . As teaching is who they are not just a job they do”.



Individuals made it clear on twitter , that “ it’s not just about pay, it is about 13 years of underfunding for schools”.



Some parents used twitter to show their support for the teachers’ strike, posting that this is a chance for them to teach their kids to stand in solidarity with those who are in need.


They were also sharing that although it may be an inconvenience for which they have to use “ a valuable day of annual leave, just to look after the kids”. They are still in full support and “ will do it again if they have to , in order to show solidarity with the teachers strike”.



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