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UK TREND : Nurses to face legal action by Steve Barclay

UK TREND : Nurses to face legal action by Steve Barclay
فريق التحرير 25 April 2023

A 48-hour strike is scheduled by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) after it rejects the government’s latest pay offer on Sunday night. However, Steve Barclay, the health secretary, has written to RCN president Pat Cullen informing him that the union’s current strike mandate ends at midnight on 1 May.

Having failed to resolve the issue last week, Mr Barclay said: “As a result, I regretfully informed them that I intended to pursue legal action to protect patients, NHS workers, and RCN members, whilst continuing to seek a resolution through official channels.”

Following the release of Barclays statement, the hashtag #BullyBarclay has been trending on twitter. Members of the public are reinforcing their support for the nurses and expressing their anger at Barclay for using taxpayers’ money to sue overworked NHS workers.

Steve Barclay Plans to Sue Striking Nurses

Posters of the health secretary image have been created with the caption “ WANTED for bullying nurses and trying to destroy our NHS” and have been circulate around on social media.

Hundreds of people were sharing the tweet that “ they would rather their taxes were not used to take nurses to court”


People did not believe Barclay claiming that “ he is left with no choice but to proceed with legal action”, as they are saying he can “ try negotiating”.


Nurses have also tweeted that “ they would much rather Steve Barclay faced them across the negotiating table. None of them want to strike but are only doing it as they have been given no other alternative.” They are not demanding for a “ pay rise, just pay restoration”.

Individuals have also stated that if Barclay “ truly cared about the patients or nurses ,he would put an offer on the table that provides fair pay for nurses and an incentive for others to join….but no, he would rather spend taxpayers’ money on lawyers #BullyBarclay”.

People were sharing how shameful the health secretary’s actions are.

Individuals also continued to tweet that the Nurses will have the publics complete support regardless of what Steve Barclay may do.

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