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How much is Zakat ul-Fitr or Fitrana 2023 in the UK? and how is it calculated?

“اختم رمضانك بالصدقة”
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Ramadan is almost over and Eid ul-Fitr is just around the corner. Part of the giving spirit in Ramadan is paying Zakat ul-Fitr, here we go into details on why Zakat ul-Fitr is preferred to be paid in cash, not in material (food). This helps vulnerable families in their time of need in this rough economy.


Zakat ul-Fitr … Obligatory Eid Donation!

How much is Zakat ul-Fitr or Fitrana 2023 in the UK? and how is it calculated?
Eid Donation (Unsplash)

Zakat ul-Fitr (also known as Fitrana among non-Arab Muslims) is considered an obligatory donation, which a Muslim must pay at the end of the holy month of Ramadan before the imam begins the Eid prayer.

The purpose of Zakat ul-Fitr is to help those by bringing joy to their hearts on the day of Eid as well as purifying your fasts.

Zakat al-Fitr is obligatory for every Muslim who has food in excess of their needs, on behalf of themselves and their dependents, even if he is not able to pay the regular zakat.


Zakat ul-Fitr in the UK


How much is Zakat ul-Fitr or Fitrana 2023 in the UK? and how is it calculated?
Zakat ul-Fitr in the UK (Pixabay)


The amount of  Zakat ul-Fitr differs from one region or country to another, but in most, it is equivalent to an “Sā” of the country’s staple food, such as wheat, barley, rice, dates, or powdered milk.

And Sā is an ancient form of measurement in the Islamic world that was used to describe the amount of Zakat in Hadith. It literally translated to a container or a cup.

According to Hadith, Sa is equivalent to “4 Mudd”, and 1 Mudd is equivalent to a handful of food. The European Council for Fatwa estimated one Sa at 2.25 Kilograms, while The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia estimated it at 3 Kilograms.



Therefore, when taking into account the cost of one kilogram of wheat in the UK, it would be around £3.45 nowadays. And when multiplying that number by 2.25 kilograms, we get £7.76.

And for barley, the cost of one kilogram is £1.9 nowadays, and accordingly, the cost of it for Zakat ul-Fitr would be £4.27.

As for the average price of one kilogram of dates in the UK, Zakat would be £4.5.


Suggest Amount for Zakat ul-Fitr


 Zakat al Fitr
Zakat al Fitr (Fitrana) Amount in UK 2022 (AUK)


1. Mayfair Islamic Centre

Mayfair Islamic Centre suggests that each capable Muslim should pay £10.


2. London Central Mosque Trust & Islamic Cultural Centre

London Central Mosque Trust & Islamic Cultural Centre suggests that Muslims should pay around £7 for Zakat ul-Fitr


3. Different Charity Organizations in the UK

Charity organizations in the UK give three options for paying Zakat Fitr, all of which are calculated based on the aforementioned amount.

the three options are either to pay:

  • £5
  • £10
  • £15

You can pay Zakat ul-Fitr through Action for Humanity website and help refugees across the world by clicking here.


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