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UK TREND : Kate Forbes is caught between her supporters and opponents

UK TREND : Kate Forbes is caught between her supporters and opponents
فريق التحرير 15 March 2023

The possibility of Kate Forbes winning the SNP leadership election and taking office as first minister later this month has Twitter aflutter. Although, there isn’t really enough evidence to say who is in the lead right now.

Following the Scottish National Party leadership candidates’ appearance on the BBC’s debate night show, where they responded to questions from the audience in Edinburgh, the hashtag #Kate Forbes has been trending on Twitter.

The opinions of Twitter users are mixed, with many stating that Kate Forbes is “the only suitable leader among the candidates” and expressing their support for her. There are also some users who have criticised Forbes and her opinions. According to those individuals voting for Forbes “would be a huge, massive step backwards in so many ways”.


Supporters of Forbes took to twitter following the debate and expressed that “ she clearly won the debate, as she was the only one with new ideas and understands the need to grow the economy”.

Alex Neil, a former member of Scottish parliament tweeted that he votes for Kate Forbes as “ she is the only candidate who can win over undecided voters to our independence cause. That’s why we’re in the SNP. To win independence”.


Supporters of Forbes made it clear that she is the only hope for the SNP, as she is “ head and shoulders above the other two. Its inexplicable if she doesn’t win this”.

Twitter users were also very critical of other candidates for their “ lack of competence and intelligence which will harm Scotland’s future” and although “ Forbes religious views may be archaic; individuals must take a pragmatic view and hope that Kate Forbes wins”.


However, many individuals took to twitter to express how much they dislike Kate Forbes and will not support her in any way, even if other candidates are not preferred. One user tweeted that they would “ genuinely consider moving out of Scotland if Kate Forbes is elected leader of the SNP”.

Others also felt that although she is defiantly  “ strong” she comes across as “ condescending and patronising”.

Another user tweeted that “ Kate Forbes is an embarrassment to women and Scotland. Who would actually vote for her?

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