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UK TREND : The public is calling for the BBC chairman’s resignation

UK TREND : The public is calling for the BBC chairman’s resignation
فريق التحرير 13 March 2023

The BBC chairman is defying calls for him to step down, as many critics point to his handling of the most recent crisis.

Due to his close ties to the government and the role he played when Boris Johnson was considering taking out a large loan while he was prime minister, Richard Sharp has been implicated in the BBC controversy over Gary Lineker. The appointment’s commissioner is examining the details of his appointment.

Sharp has come under fire from the public ever since it was revealed that he had assisted Boris Johnson in obtaining an £800 million loan, which ultimately led to Johnson’s appointment as BBC chairman. Following the problems with Gary Lineker, the public began to criticise him more and is now calling for his resignation due to concerns about his leadership and credibility.


Journalist Paul Johnson tweeted calling for Richard Sharp to come out and “ explain impartiality to those confused about him : Tory Party donor, playing a part in credit line for Boris Johnson, getting job via chats PM and then presiding over this mess”.

People shared the importance of the BBC having credibility and that “ it now needs restoring and that starts at the top. The Chairman of the BBC is supposed to protect its independence”. And they “ don’t believe Richard sharp has done or can do. He must now go “.


Members of Parliament also took part in the discussion and expressed their opinion. Labour member of parliament Zarah Sultana tweeted “ It is a good time to remember that the Chairman of the BBC is Richard Sharp, someone who’s donated £400,000+ to the Conservatives and helped Boris Johnson with an £800,000 loan.” She emphasised how important it is to remember this “ when they talk about BBC impartiality”.

Artist and social media activist Lowkey also highlighted the fact that “ Richard Sharp donated £400,000 to the Conservative Party ”.



Labour MP Richard Burgeon also noted the same fact and tweeted “ The BBC’s credibility has been shot to pieces in the past 24 hours. As part of rebuilding that, Gary Lineker should, of course, be reinstated to Match of the Day. But the BBC must go much further. The BBC chair Richard Sharp, who’s donated £400,000 to the Tories, needs to go”.


Individuals were highly critical of Sharp. Content creator Alastair Campbell shared “ I am sensing that Richard Sharp shares the total lack of self-awareness, self-respect and understanding of what public service means with Johnson and the rest of the right-wing cabal”.


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