UK TREND : Yvette Cooper condemns Braverman and the Tories

حزب المحافظين UK TREND : Yvette Cooper condemns Braverman and the Tories
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Suella Braverman has drawn criticism for claiming that without her proposed immigration crackdown, 100 million asylum seekers could enter the UK. The home secretary was criticised for using “inflammatory language” when she asserted that the “law-abiding patriotic majority” had grown tired of people coming in on small boats.

Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary for Labour, charged that the government had made the “deeply damaging chaos” worse.

Braverman’s Immigration Crackdown

UK TREND  Yvette Cooper condemns Braverman and the Tories

Following the debate in parliament, people from the public took to twitter to voice their opinions, with the hashtags #Yvette Cooper and #Braverman becoming popular on social media.

The majority of people have expressed support for Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary for Labour, and her criticisms of Suella Braverman and the conservative party. Others, however, backed Braverman and her proposals because they thought the Labour government would manage the borders much worse.


Individuals were pleased with Coopers’ actions for “ dismantling Braverman. Referencing betrayed allies, the holes in their red meat bill, the financial and moral cost.” They were also quoting her statement in parliament “ Britain is better than this”.

Twitter user David highlighted that “ seeking asylum is not illegal. But Braverman’s illegal immigration bill is”.


Individuals were tweeting about their love for Yvette Cooper and looking forward to “ how fantastic she would be as Home Secretary”.


They also admired how confident she is and shared “ she is much more competent than Braverman”.

Another user shared how pleased they’re when Yvette Cooper speaks in parliament, as it “ highlights how completely incompetent Suella Braverman is”.

Others shared their support for the Home Secretary with captions such as “ the majority of the country are with you Suella Braverman. This must be sorted.”

One individual was critical of Yvette Cooper and stated “ she had plans to send immigrants to Africa when labour was last in power. She’s a hypocrite”.

Twitter user Dave criticised Yvette Coopers solution to “ making the chaos worse” as it seems it is to do exactly that. By “completely opening the borders to ALL, in the hope that they will vote Labour and of course, let’s also not forget Labour’s favourite mantra “rub the noses of the Right in diversity” .



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