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UK TREND : The UK is experiencing another extraordinary snowfall

UK trend
فريق التحرير 10 March 2023

In many parts of Britain today, snow and rain are predicted to cause additional travel problems. The Met Office issued three amber blizzard warnings on Thursday; these warnings call for snowfall of up to 40 cm (15.7 in) in some areas.

After Wednesday’s record-low temperature for the year thus far, overnight temperatures are predicted to drop even more on Friday night. It would be a “freezing night” on Friday, according to the Met Office, and most people would wake up on Saturday to clear skies and frosty morning.

UK Trend: snow is coming this Friday!

person in black jacket and blue pants walking on snow covered ground during daytime

The recent significant snowfall that the United Kingdom has been experiencing has caused the hashtag #snow to become popular on Twitter. People have shared pictures and videos of the incredible snowfall across social media platforms.

A writer for Independent was amongst those enjoying the snowfall as he shared a smiling selfie on Twitter with the caption “ now This is my kind of weather”.


One Twitter user shared an image of a park in Bradford where the snow was light but covering the ground, yet an ice-cream truck was still operating with people buying from it during the extremely cold low temperatures.


Another user shared a beautiful image of snow covering houses and a castle in Yorkshire.

More “ breathtakingly beautiful” images of the snow were shared, these in “ Stocking ford Warwickshire”.

An incredible video was also posted on Twitter of a “ snow tornado in Sandness, Shetland”.

A video was also shared of how incredible it seems to feel to be driving during heavy snowfall.

People were sharing images of the snow from all over the UK, with some areas covered deeper in the snow than others. For example, Twitter user Liam tweeted images of the snowfall in an area near Kent where “ some of the spots had 6cm of level snow”.

One individual seemed pretty frustrated with the lack of snow in his area, he tweeted “ every weather app I have says it’s snowing where I live. Looking out of the windows there is nothing. Met office sort yourself out”.

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