UK TREND : Suank’s “Stop the Boats” campaign ignites Twitter

UK TREND : Suank's "Stop the Boats" campaign ignites Twitter
UK TREND : Suank's "Stop the Boats" campaign ignites Twitter

During a press conference on Tuesday, the prime minister sat in front of a lectern with the phrase “Stop the Boats” written on it. Asylum seekers who enter the UK illegally would be detained and given a lifetime ban on returning once they were removed under legislation that the government introduced on Tuesday. The UK’s anti-modern slavery laws, they asserted, would also not be available to those who enter the country illegally.


Members have taken to social media to vent their anger over the legislation’s introduction, which has outraged the public. The hashtag #StopTheBoats is currently trending on Twitter. The Prime Minster is being criticized for his lack of focus, as this campaign will not help the NHS and other more pressing matters.

Individuals highlighted how “ Stop The Boats” campaign will not being down the cost of living. It won’t build hospitals. It won’t stop the NHS being privatised by sociopaths who have their fingers in certain pies. It won’t raise pensions from being the lowest in Europe. Therefore, why is it being prioritized ?”.


They also tweeted that “ Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman are too focused on this issue, because they will do nothing to stop the crisis in the NHS. Nothing on levelling up Britain. Not stop the pollution of our rivers and seats and not stop the fall in our living standards”. It seems that there trying to fill the gaps of their other failures with this issue.

Twitter users were very displeased with the government not prioritizing more pressing issues, such as “ the food shortages food price hikes, interest rates, energy bills sky high, sewage in our waterways, NHS waiting lists longest in history, multiple strikes, etc.”

People also took note of how similar Sunaks “ Stop the Boats” campaign is to Trumps “ Build the Wall”. It just seems like the UK version of Americas difficult times.

Individuals also commented on the slogan “ Stop the Boats” itself , as it is “ racist, inflammatory and outright dangerous it is to use”.

They were “ disgusted with the sight of a British Prime Minster, himself a beneficiary of the UK’s welcoming refugee policy, standing behind a lectern with the message ‘Stop The Boats’”. Especially considering that his whole campaign coming into power was focused on being “ the child of an immigrant”.

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