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Ramadan 2023: Fasting hours for Muslims in the UK

إقامة إفطارين كبيرين في بريستول للاحتفال بشهر رمضان 2024
فريق التحرير 16 March 2023

Ramadan fasting times differ between a country and another based on the country’s geographical distance from the equator. Although fasting Ramadan in the UK lasts for what seems like an eternity for some, it is hardly the longest fasting period globally.

So, how many fasting hours will Muslims observe in Ramadan 2023?

Ramadan 2023 British fasting schedule 

Ramadan 2023
Ramadan 2023.. fasting hours for the holy month

On the first day of Ramadan (23 March), Muslims will fast about an hour before sunrise (Fajir) at 4:19 AM, until sunrise (Maghrib) at 6:21 PM, which sums up to approximately 14 hours.

British fasting times will change, however, on the third day of Ramadan 2023 (Sunday, March 26), beginning at 5:13 AM and breaking fast at 7:26 PM, due to the start of daylight saving time in the UK.

The length of time Muslims are expected to abstain from food and drink throughout Ramadan gradually increases over the month, reaching a maximum of 16 hours and 47 minutes on the last day of the holy month, which will be on Thursday, 20 April, according to the European Council of Fatwa and Research (ECFR).

*All times above apply to London, specifically the Central Mosque of London. Nevertheless, fasting periods vary by only a few minutes across the regions of Britain.


Ramadan 2023 around the world

When is Ramadan 2023 in the UK
When is Ramadan 2023 in the UK

Northern hemisphere nations typically have the longest fasting periods. In Ramadan 2023, Greenland’s daily fasting period reaches 19 hours, followed by Finland and Sweden with 18 hours for both.

Meanwhile, southern countries observe fewer fasting hours, Muslims in South Africa fast for roughly 13 hours each day, and Argentina fasts only 12 hours.


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