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#CheckTheLabel Campaign Happening Across Europe to Boycott Israeli Dates in Ramadan

#CheckTheLabel Campaign Happening Across Europe to Boycott Israeli Dates in Ramadan
فريق التحرير 12 March 2023

Friends of Al-Aqsa launched a campaign to raise awareness of Israeli goods being sold in the British and European markets.

With Ramadan being around the corner, many Muslims now go out of their way to buy dates, as it is usual for them to break their fast by eating dates. However, many are not aware that many of the imported dates are from Israel. That is what the campaign “#CheckTheLabel” mainly addresses.

In their official statement, the organization said that this campaign aims to encourage “Muslims in Europe to verify the origin of the label and to boycott dates imported from Israel during the month of Ramadan” so that they do not break their fast with dates that support the oppression of Palestinians.

Israel Boycott List in Ramadan


list of Israeli dates brands to boycott
Israel Boycott List for Date Sales (FOA)

#CheckTheLabel campaign mainly focuses on boycotting Israeli dates for several, the first being the oppression of Palestinians, the others are:

  • The occupation exploits Palestinian farmers by employing them for a cheap price, taking advantage of their need for work, and forcing them to work long and continuous hours under the sun and at high temperatures, in addition to employing Palestinian children as well, according to what was reported by Human Rights Watch.
  • The importance of boycotting as a form of resistance against the occupation, as the Israeli writer and activist Miko Peled once said “Boycotting products that are made by the state of Israel is paramount. it is probably one of the most forms of resistance that each and every one of us can be part of. But boycotting dates is probably more symbolic than anything else, how can you purchase dates for Ramadan grown on stolen Palestinian land with stolen Palestinian water?”

In addition to that, as mentioned by FOA, 50% of Israeli dates are exported to Europe, where the UK, Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy import huge quantities of it. In 2020 the UK imported over 3000 tonnes of dates from Israel, worth roughly 7.5 million pounds.

Boycott Israeli Dates During Ramadan

#CheckTheLabel Campaign Happening Across Europe to Boycott Israeli Dates in Ramadan
Boycott Israeli Dates Imported in Ramadan (FOA)

FOA had said: “Boycotting dates imported from Israel during Ramadan enables the Muslim community to send a clear and firm message condemning the illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid in Palestine”

“It is time to renew our commitment to the BDS movement during Ramadan. We must remember that we are strong together, and we can express our rejection of the occupation by simply refusing to buy Israeli dates.”

The organization urges the use of the hashtag (#ChecktheLabel) on communication platforms on Friday, March 17, which is the last Friday before the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, or support the campaign in the field and distribute flyers boycotting Israeli dates to worshipers outside mosques (click here for more info)


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