UK TREND : Twitter controversy over the search for Nicola Bulley

UK TREND : Twitter controversy over the search for Nicola Bulley
UK TREND : Twitter controversy over the search for Nicola Bulley

Twelve days ago, Ms.Nicola Bulley, 45, of St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, was last seen taking her dog for a walk by the river. She has been declared a missing person with rescue teams searching for her, the search has now been expanded further to include Morecambe Bay and Knott End.


The hashtag #Nicola Bulley is becoming more and more popular every day, causing controversy between members of the public on Twitter. The general public has shown a great deal of interest and has been speculating on various theories of what actually transpired. Some people questioned the search team’s efforts and the decision not to follow some obvious leads. Others have criticised those people for their bizarre theories and their conviction that, as a result of watching “Netflix,” they know more than the police.

People were questioning the situation with regards to the dog and the phone being left on a bench down the river and the way it was dealt with, “ should have been used as an important lead”.

One Twitter user shared that “ think Nicola Bulley staged this herself and left, was aware the cameras were off. Or maybe she swam over the river and left the scene with someone else”.

People were furious at the police for their lack of action when the phone was discovered and that by wasting time not exploring other options and only focusing on her being in the water, the police may be “ guilty of assisting the perpetrator”.



The majority of people’s tweets indicate that they have little confidence in the abilities of British police forces.

People also felt uneasy with the way “ the authorities were being so quick and categoric to insist there’s been no foul play or the involvement of a 3rd party”. It raises many suspicions.


Ms. Gibbons, a member of Ms. Bulley’s family, stated that the family had found it “hard” to deal with social media speculations about the disappearance, and the influx of visitors had made the area seem like a “tourist destination.”

Users agreed with them and tweeted “ the speculation over Nicola Bulley’s disappearance is disgusting”.

Nevertheless, people were also tweeting their support and sympathising with her family during these difficult times. One individual said “my mind is constantly on Nicola Bulley and her poor babies. Such a god-awful story, people don’t just vanish.”




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