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UK TREND: The Scottish’s response to King Charles Edinburgh procession

UK TREND: The Scottish’s response to King Charles Edinburgh procession
فريق التحرير 6 July 2023

Protesters could be heard bellowing chants of ‘Not my King’ as King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla made their way up the Royal Mile. The Royal Procession, commencing at 1:50 pm on Wednesday, July 5, began from Holyrood Palace. As the King followed, many anti-monarchy protesters expressed their views by shouting and booing his arrival.

Meanwhile, His Majesty was presented with the Honours of Scotland, which consists of the oldest crown jewels in the UK. This prestigious collection includes the Crown of Scotland, Sceptre, and the Sword of Elizabeth.

King Charles Edinburgh’s procession

King Charles III
Dozens of protestors arrested during King Charles Coronation


Moreover, the Twitter hashtag #NotMyKing has gained traction, with individuals sharing pictures of the protestors and showcasing the genuine sentiments of disapproval harboured by the Scottish populace towards the Royal Family. This online trend captures the collective voice expressing discontent and dissatisfaction.


The message from the Scottish people resonated loudly and unequivocally, as echoed in numerous tweets.


Among the users of the hashtag #NotMyKing, an American Twitter user stood out. He pointed out the contrasting events, stating, “Just yesterday, Americans celebrated their liberation from Great Britain! Today, the people of Scotland resoundingly chanted ‘NOT MY KING!’ in a massive public display rejecting King Charles and Camilla.” This tweet highlighted the decisive rejection expressed by the Scottish people towards the monarchy.


Amidst the events, individuals seized the opportunity to voice their aspirations for Scottish independence. They took to Twitter, emphasizing that as Charles Windsor received Scotland’s crown jewels and regalia in Edinburgh, it was crucial to assert that he did not represent Scotland as its King. Many tweets called the entire spectacle a preposterous pantomime that had run its course, advocating for the establishment of an independent Scottish republic.


On Twitter, a multitude of images and videos circulated, capturing the scenes of anti-monarchy sentiments and the booing directed at the King during his procession. Through the pictures and videos they shared, it was evident that the crowd strongly disapproved of the event.


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