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UK TREND : First ever Christmas speech of King Charles receives mixed reactions from the public

King Charles III
فريق التحرير 27 December 2022

During his first Christmas broadcast, King Charles sympathized with families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. He praised individuals, charities, and faith groups who were helping those in need. In his televised message, Charles mentioned the “great anxiety and hardship” many people are experiencing trying to “pay their bills and keep their families fed and warm.” He also showed footage of food banks and homeless people receiving meals. The speech caused mixed reactions from the public, with those who supported it using the hashtag #KingCharles and those who opposed it using the hashtags #NotMyKing and #AbolishtheMonorachy.

The speech of King Charles caused mixed reactions on Twitter

 speech of King Charles
The speech of King Charles ignites Twitter

It has been noted that critics of King’s speech, like Steve Rowe, were struck by the fact that “he watched the speech from a soup kitchen and was amazed at how the privileged actually talk sympathetically about the poor, disabled and starving without spending a penny of their inherited and hoarded wealth to help them.”


Twitters users were outraged at the “King in the grounds of a Palace talking about how tough people are finding it to pay their bills” due to high taxes they’re paying to pay King Charles an income of £20-£30 million pounds a year, as well the £12m pounds that was used from taxpayers’ money to silence the victim from the Prince Andrew case.

In addition, individuals were not impressed by people praising the king and tweeting with the hashtag #God Save The King because they dismissed the fact that “the king decided not to pay inheritance tax worth an estimated £200 million at a time when people in this country are having to choose between heating and eating” .

Some media outlets, such as the BBC, tweeted that “The King’s first Christmas message tops TV ratings”, but statistics showed that “56 million people in the UK (about 85% of the total population) didn’t watch the speech”. This shows the lack of support for the Royal family among the public, and that they are no longer as idolized as they once were.

Many individuals support the king’s speech !

King Charles III
King Charles III, The current king of England (Anadolu Images)

Individuals thought it was ironic how the King was “ a typical man of the people nonsense mentioning hardship and cost of living concerns”. Yet he failed to mention his unnecessary Coronation next year that will be costing taxpayers £75 million.

Whilst a small minority of the population were supportive of the King and tweeted their praise for the King for his “touching” speech.

Those individuals tweeted that regardless of whether you are “ A royalist or Anti-Royalist … this was a wonderful speech from The King”.


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