King Charles III among Arabs and Muslims in Wales

King Charles III among Arabs and Muslims in Wales
King Charles III among Arabs and Muslims in Wales

On Friday, 16 September, King Charles III visited Wales for the first time since his accession to the throne. During his visit, he was present and started the memorial service at Llandaff Cathedral.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Haj Ali, President of the Syrian-Welsh Society, attended the memorial service to offer his condolences for the departure of Queen Elizabeth II, and to welcome the new king of the United Kingdom, king Charles III.

The Welsh Syrian Society is a non-profit organization established in 2015 to support the adaption of Syrians in Wales’ local community.



Dr. Muhammad Al-Hajj Ali, President of the Syrian Welsh Society, said, “Today I was honoured to attend the memorial service, which was held to bid farewell to the late Queen Elizabeth II, in the presence of Britain’s King Charles III. It was an opportunity to convey condolences and sympathy on behalf of the Syrian Welsh Society.”


King Charles III
King Charles III in the Memorial service in Wales (AUK)


The death of Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away in Balmoral on September 8 at the age of 96, 70 years after her accession to the throne.

Making her reign the longest in the history of the United Kingdom.

She acceded to the throne at the age of 27 on February 16, 1952. And she was named Elizabeth II after Queen Elizabeth who came to power in the 16th century.

After her death, her son Charles, 74, was appointed King of the United Kingdom.


Timeline: The life of Queen Elizabeth II
Timeline: The life of Queen Elizabeth II


King Charles III and Islam

King Charles III is was one of the few leaders who had studied Islam in depth and even tried to learn Arabic in order to understand the Quran (Islam Holy Book)

This makes him the most open-minded king toward Isalm in the history of the United Kingdom; unlike those who are in his government.

The king has also taken over the patronage of the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies since 1993, and in that year he delivered a speech titled “Islam and the West” that sparked widespread controversy among all.

In the speech, the king talked about the relationship between European civilization and the Islamic religion.




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Timeline: The life of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II dies.. What to expect from the upcoming days?

Farewell Elizabeth!

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