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UK TREND : Twitter outrage over Jeremey Clarkson’s piece about Meghan Markle

Harry & Meghan
فريق التحرير 22 December 2022

Following a piece, he wrote for The Sun in which he claimed to “hate” Meghan Markle “on a cellular level,” Jeremy Clarkson has faced intense criticism. The host of Clarkson’s Farm and The Grand Tour on television recalled dreaming of the Duchess of Sussex being humiliated in public and dragged across British cities.

Following widespread criticism and a record number of complaints, Clarkson expressed his “horror at having caused such harm,” and on Monday, The Sun’s website withdrew the article at his request. Jeremy Clarkson and The Sun have been trending on Twitter as a result of the article, which was ultimately deleted but not before it caused significant damage. Users criticised both Jeremy for the vile things he wrote and The Sun for providing him with a platform and publishing his work.



Stella Parton, a prominent figure who commented on the issue, sarcastically thanked Jeremy Clarkson for his hateful article, saying that it “provided once and for all that Harry and Meghan were always telling the truth about everything” with regard to the racism and hatred directly targeted at Meghan by British tabloids and figures.




Others, like Dr. Charlotte Proudman, noted that the Sun newspaper gave the okay and published it, indicating that they share Clarkson’s opinions and that this is how they regard women in society.


Author Ali Milani highlighted that this “article was not a slip of the tongue, or a tweet written in a moment of madness. It was an article written, read and re-read. It was seen by multiple editors and copy writers”.  Milani expressed that is a real issue and a “media problem” as all those that read, edited and approved the article believed it was “okay”.


Twitter users expressed their deep disappointment in Victoria Newton, the female editor of The Sun newspaper. Users said that the fact that she authorized the publication of “Jeremy Clarkson’s sick rant about Meghan Markle” shows that she “condones racism and misogyny” because she would not have done so otherwise.


Additionally, the public criticised the Royal Family on Twitter for their silence and failure to defend Meghan in light of what transpired. People compared it to when rumours surfaced about Duchess Kate having Botox and a statement was immediately released refuting the claims. However, they have said nothing at all in response to “Jeremy Clarkson’s misogynist attack on Meghan Markle.” Thus, shocking many like Presenter Sangista Myska who remarked, “Would it really compromise King Charles’ constitutional position to issue a well-worded statement? I doubt it” .


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