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AUK Gala … A Night to Remember

AUK Gala
فريق التحرير 20 March 2023

AUK Gala occurred last Friday, 17 March, at the Hilton Hotel – Metropole in London. The platform celebrated its one-year anniversary with Arab influencers in the UK, including Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and several diplomats, businessmen and women.

The gala celebrated AUK’s achievements within Arab communities in the UK by recognizing those who left their mark on us in 2022. The list included the star of the English club Arsenal and the Egyptian national team, Captain Mohamed Al-Nani, Dr Rehab El-Gamal, Emirati content creator Abdul Rahman Al Jabri, and Othman Moqbel.


AUK Gala


President of AUK, Adnan Hmidan, spoke of the event that was enjoyed by 250 people and said: “AUK was created with the goal to unite Arabs in the UK regardless of their differences, especially when it comes to politics. The platform focuses more on the social, cultural and commercial aspects”

At the gala, Hmidan announced the launch of a project that aims to promote and support different Arab projects in Britain. In that light, he added: “We will not become stronger and our presence will not be more recognized unless we, as Arabs, unite and put aside our political differences”


Emotional show by the young talent Rayan Al Awri


AUK Gala


Following the show opening with a verse from the Holy Quran, the host, Ibrahim Khadra, presented the nine-year-old Rayan Al- Awri who played Mawtani – the known Palestinian sing – on Piano which moved the feelings of everyone sitting. In the end, he called for people to donate to the victims of the Syrian earthquake, which left thousands of people homeless.


Ibrahim Khadra’s strong presence


احتفال مهيب جمع العرب في بريطانيا رافقه تكريم النني وعدد من الشخصيات


The famous Bein sports journalist, Ibrahim Khadra, did a remarkable job hosting AUK’s first gala. His strong presence and fun interaction captured the attention of the audience and created a lively open discussion.

He was later recognized for his great presence within the Arab community in the UK and rewarded.


Great ideas and feedback were shared and voiced

The audience attending AUK’s shared their thoughts and feedback in an open discussion regarding the challenges the platform faced during its first operating year. Ragab Mustafa, head of the Egyptian entities in Europe, was the first speaker to call for more integration into society, while Nabil Al-Harsh, head of the Yemeni community in London, indicated the need for activities to include other cities outside London.

احتفال مهيب جمع العرب في بريطانيا رافقه تكريم النني وعدد من الشخصيات


Ms Samira from Morocco felt proud of AUK and the union of Arabs at the gala. As for the Lebanese journalist, Katya Youssef, she emphasized the need for Arabs to meet together regardless of their politics and religious differences. Shaimaa Barbary agreed with Katya and then described how proud she feels of Captain Muhammad Al-Nini, who was raised in the same hometown she was in.

Overall, the gala was met with positive feedback, it was a night to remember for a lot of the audience, most of all, for AUK team.



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