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UK Arabs to Back ‘Arab Voice’ and ‘Muslim Vote’ for 2024 Elections

Arab Voice
شروق طه 18 June 2024

Over fifty prominent figures from Britain’s Arab community have endorsed a call to action for all conscientious individuals to support the “Arab Voice” and “Muslim Vote” initiatives in the forthcoming general elections on July 4th, 2024.

The endorsers urge British Arab and Muslim communities, including activists and human rights advocates, to endorse this campaign by signing through the provided link: click here to sign.

This appeal seeks to consolidate efforts to establish a significant influence in the elections through coordinated activities.

An Appeal to the British Arab and Muslim Communities

The signatories emphasise the importance of electing and backing the candidate endorsed by the “Arab Voice,” in collaboration with the “Muslim Vote,” to secure effective and meaningful representation.

Voters can discover the names of candidates endorsed by both initiatives across various electoral constituencies via the link: find endorsed candidates here.

Key Points

  1. Elect and Support the Endorsed Candidate: Candidates are selected based on strict criteria that reflect the objectives of both campaigns. The endorsed candidates are listed in the link above.
  2. Immediate Withdrawal of Non-Endorsed Candidates: Candidates who are not officially supported but share similar platforms are encouraged to withdraw immediately to prevent vote splitting and to ensure a straightforward victory for the endorsed candidates over the incumbents or major party candidates.
  3. Promote Electoral Campaigns: All voters are urged to actively support and promote the campaigns of endorsed candidates and to encourage peers in their constituencies to vote accordingly.
  4. Exercise Your Right to Vote: Highlighting the critical importance of using one’s voting rights, either in person or through other legally sanctioned methods.
  5. Discourage Abstention: A caution against abstention, noting that failing to vote indirectly benefits the least desirable candidates.

Addressing Local and International Concerns

Arab Voice

The appealacknowledges the importance of prioritizing the cessation of atrocities in Gaza while also addressing domestic issues.

Before endorsing any candidate, all relevant factors are considered to ensure that both international and local concerns are balanced.

To support the “Arab Voice” and “Muslim Vote” campaigns in the upcoming general elections, please sign the appeal by following this link: click here to sign.


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