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Arab Voice Campaign Rallies UK Community for Critical July 4th Elections

Arab Voice Campaign Rallies UK Community for Critical July 4th Elections
فريق التحرير 23 May 2024

On the morning of Thursday, May 23, 2024, the Arab Voice Campaign, an initiative aimed at boosting the participation of the Arab community in Britain, announced the commencement of activities in preparation for the general elections scheduled for Thursday, July 4, 2024, in Britain and Northern Ireland, as declared by Rishi Sunak the previous Wednesday evening.

These elections occur at a critical time amid global and regional political tensions and significant events, particularly in Gaza, making active participation crucial.

Initiated in February 2024 with over 120 notable figures, the campaign urges the entire Arab community to actively engage with these elections, marking a critical phase in the country’s history.

Arab Voice Campaign Rallies UK Community for Critical July 4th Elections

This call comes in response to the involvement of Britain’s two main political parties in supporting actions that jeopardize security and safety in Gaza, demanding a decisive and clear response from the Arab community.

With a significant demographic presence of Muslims and Arabs in many electoral districts, the campaign highlights the importance of utilizing this demographic influence to support candidates who are genuinely committed to Arab and Muslim issues.

The campaign warns that not voting could inadvertently support candidates who are less sympathetic or more hostile to Arab and Islamic concerns, especially regarding the current situation in Gaza.

The campaign encourages the Arab community to overcome indifference and inactivity, emphasizing that failure to participate could lead to laws and policies detrimental to Arab and Islamic interests in Britain. The campaign is also coordinating with other initiatives, such as the Muslim Voice Campaign, to amplify the Arab and Islamic voices in the elections.

Taghrid Al-Mawed and Nada Jarche Two Arab Candidates for the British Parliament
UK Arab Voices Campaign Launch Event (AUK)

In conclusion, the Arab Voice Campaign aims to endorse several candidates who have demonstrated their support and solidarity with Arab and Islamic issues, announcing their names before the election to help the community make informed voting decisions.

The Arab Voice Campaign is not a standalone effort in the electoral arena but is part of a broader coalition that includes the Muslim Voice Campaign and other initiatives. Together, these campaigns aim to unify efforts and enhance their collective impact, striving to elevate the Arab and Islamic voice in Britain, shaping the political landscape in these elections and beyond.

You can read the campaign’s statement in full here.


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