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George Galloway: Who Could Hesitate to Back Sameh Habeeb for North Ealing?

George Galloway: Who Could Hesitate to Back Sameh Habeeb for North Ealing?
اية محمد 19 May 2024

“I’ll tell you something: our competitors won’t sleep soundly from now on. They will lose their seats in Parliament, and Palestinians will be the ones to take them.” This was a clear challenge from George Galloway, ally of Sameh Habeeb, the rival candidate to James Murray, the representative of North Ealing. This statement was made during the launch of Habeeb’s election campaign on Thursday in the western part of the British capital, London.

Al-Arab in UK (AUK) dedicated comprehensive media coverage to Sameh Habeeb’s campaign, aiming to support the Arab voice in Britain. This is part of an initiative the platform launched months ago, which seeks to enhance the presence of candidates of Arab origin in the upcoming British elections and their engagement in political life in the United Kingdom.

Sameh Habeeb’s Election Campaign

جورج غالاوي كيف يمكن لأحد أن يتردد في دعم مرشحنا سامح حبيب؟

Veteran British politician George Galloway, who has returned to Parliament after an absence and is a supporter of Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian cause, announced his support for Sameh Habeeb’s campaign last night. Habeeb has declared his candidacy for the North Ealing constituency.

Galloway told Al-Arab in UK (AUK) platform: “Sameh will not only advocate for the rights of the Palestinian people and call for an end to the crimes of the occupation in Gaza, but he will also strive to improve all services for the residents of North Ealing.”

Galloway added, “The residents of Ealing will have an active representative in Parliament, both locally and internationally. What more could they want, and who wouldn’t support Sameh? Especially since the current representative refused to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, even though rejecting the killing of innocents is the least any human being could do. On the other hand, what has Murray done for the people of Ealing? I barely hear about him, and today I’ll search for him online because I genuinely don’t know him!”

جورج غالاوي: كيف يمكن لأحد أن يتردد في دعم مرشحنا سامح حبيب؟

For his part, Sameh Habeeb told Al-Arab in UK (AUK) that he will work on improving all the services that the Labour Party representative in Ealing has neglected over the past years, including deficiencies in the healthcare sector, housing and homelessness issues, and services for people with special needs. He also plans to establish sports facilities, which have been absent from Ealing for a long time and are a demand of the residents.

Habeeb added, “My primary goal in the upcoming elections is to ensure the Arab voice is clearly and effectively represented. Arabs in Britain do not participate, and Arab voters, unfortunately, do not even register to vote. This has allowed the two main parties in Britain to dominate and increase their support for Israel. Most importantly, I want to break the pattern of Arabs automatically giving their votes to the Labour Party, which was the first to betray Gaza during the recent aggression.”

Candidates for the Upcoming Elections in Britain

جورج غالاوي كيف يمكن لأحد أن يتردد في دعم مرشحنا سامح حبيب

During the launch event of Sameh Habeeb’s campaign, Al-Arab in UK (AUK) platform also met with Jody McIntyre, a candidate preparing to run in the upcoming elections in Yardley, Birmingham, against the current MP for the area, who is complicit with Israel.

McIntyre, who has special needs, said his goal is to unite Muslims and non-Muslims who believe that genocide is an unforgivable crime.

He added, “I will also strive to support people with special needs who have been neglected by the Conservative Party and overlooked by the Labour Party. Additionally, I will support single mothers who are struggling with life on their own, and it is essential to support the Muslim communities in Birmingham, where Muslims constitute the majority of the population. I support Sameh Habeeb, the candidate for Ealing, because he aims to achieve the same goals that I am pursuing.”

جورج غالاوي كيف يمكن لأحد أن يتردد في دعم مرشحنا سامح حبيب

It is worth noting that George Galloway, 69 years old, currently serves as the MP for Rochdale, on the outskirts of Manchester. He has returned to Parliament for the fourth time in his political career. Galloway led a humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza in 2010 and was awarded Palestinian citizenship in recognition of his supportive stance on the issue.

Galloway’s return to the British Parliament has been a nightmare for both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer, especially after he dedicated his victory to Gaza. During his election campaign, he said, “They fear my return, so you must give them what they fear.”

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